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Pointing at Planets (Part 2)

When did we stop pointing at stars and planets? Or perhaps the better question is why did we stop? Why has it become such a rare occasion to point up to the vast open space and wonder at our own divinity by witnessing the universe unfold? Didn’t our philosophies, religions, belief systems and ideas that we hold on to so strongly begin with people who did just that? Put a child under an unpolluted sky at night and watch them point. They will tell you exactly what it is we have forgotten.

When did our reality become so boxed in? We strive to live in boxes, sleep on boxes, talk to one another through boxes, go from one place to the other in moving boxes, spend our days watching ‘life’ through boxes by clicking boxes, show our appreciation by giving things in little boxes and finally say ‘good bye’ by placing our loved ones in boxes. I even write this blog on a box by typing on little boxes!

These boxes are nothing but prisons. Nothing in the natural world is based on a box with straight lines. As Alan Watts beautifully put it “nature is wiggly”.

So why is it most of the things in our lives are based on boxes drawn with straight lines?

I wish we could spend more time pointing at stars and making up beautiful stories through our imagination, inspired by an expansive “wiggly” universe. Instead we spend our lives placing one another into crude boxes and then point at them as separate, when what they truly represent is the box we ourselves are imprisoned in.

Perhaps this image by a 15th century artist better describes our dire predicament…


Pointing at Planets (Part 1)


There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to ask himself a simple question… “If I had the opportunity to be propelled towards Jupiter’s storm and my inevitable demise, just to be aware of every experience and sensation along the way, would I take it?”