Discover the future of automated trading with Trading Sparks, where cutting-edge, fully backtested strategies revolutionize your trading experience like never before.

Fully Backtested Strategies

Fully backtested strategies with a transparent backtest date. The traders can easily find out how the strategy has performed and which settings had the most profitable outcome. 

Automate Your Trades

Make your trades fully automated. Simply connect the TradingView alerts to your broker through third-party services and the strategy will do the trading for you even while you are sleeping.

Never Miss A Chance

The strategies make sure trading opportunities are flawlessly detected and confirmed, then enter and exit the trades at the best time based on the configured settings.

For Any Market & Timeframe

The strategies have been developed to work in any market and timeframe. As a trader, you can backtest strategies to investigate which settings work best for different markets and timeframes.

No Emotional Trading

Let strategies do the trading for you, without emotions and stress. This will eliminate human errors and emotional decision-making which impact the outcome of the trades significantly.

Risk Management Tools

Risk management is one of the most significant concepts in trading, which play a great role in making highly profitable trading outcomes in the long run. With risk management tools that come with all of our strategies, experience a pleasant and peace of mind trading.

Invest smarter, unlock the power of trading strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The process is very straightforward:

1. Browse between the strategies and find the strategy that matches your needs and trading style. 

2. Since the strategies are invite-only scripts, for requesting access you can either send an email or send a text message to me via Telegram for further details. You can find the email address and Telegram ID in the contact section. 

3. I need the Username of your Tradingview account for granting you access.

4. After I have received the required information from you, I will activate the strategy on your TradingView account. 

In which markets & timeframes do strategies work?

These strategies are designed to help traders in all types of markets, whether it's crypto, stock, or forex.

With its ability to be applied to any time frame, these strategies are suitable for all types of traders, from short-term traders looking for quick profit potential to long-term traders looking for consistent returns.

How much experience do I need to use these strategies?

No special trading experience is needed since the strategy does all the Trading, Just apply it on the chart and that's all! Sit back and enjoy.

The strategies can be used by anyone from beginners to those with an advanced level of trading experience. You can easily optimize our toolset to your own preferences to fit your trading style.

However, since you have to set up the integration between TradingView Alerts to your broker (in case you want to automate your tradings) you need some knowledge of how to do that. And if you don't know how to do it, don't worry at all, I am more than happy to help you with that. 

What do I need to use the strategies?

To use Trading Sparks strategies, you will need the following stuff:

For manual trading, you would only need: 

1.  A free account with

2.  An exchange to place trades like Binance.

For Automated Trading: 

1.  An account with (You will need your account type to be Pro, Pro+, or Premium for activating Webhook alerts)

2.  An exchange to place trades like Binance.

3.  A third-party service that can connect TradingView Alerts to your broker. I can help you in this step also, click here for more info.

How do I access activated strategies in my TradingView account?

You can access activated strategies in the “Invite-only scripts” tab in your Indicators Library in TradingView.

This tab appears as soon as a user is given access to an Invite-Only script. Therefore if this tab is not shown in your Indicators Library, it means that you have not been permitted to use any Invite-Only script yet.

Do your strategies get repainted?

Absolutely not! None of the strategies repaint. The strategies have the most accurate pattern signals without repainting. 

This means that the strategy's signals and charts remain constant, providing traders with a reliable and accurate representation of the market. This eliminates the potential for confusion or uncertainty and allows traders to make informed decisions with confidence.

Does Trading Sparks sell or share the source code of the scripts?

No sharing, copying, reselling, modifying, or any other forms of use are authorized for TradingSparks documents, scripts, indicators, strategies, ideas, and the information published with them.

Will I win every trade by using your strategies?

No one can give you a tool that wins every trade. All investments involve risk, and the past performance of a security, industry, sector, market, financial product, trading strategy, or individual’s trading does not guarantee future results or returns. This is not financial or investment advice, and Investors are fully responsible for any investment decisions they make. Such decisions should be based solely on an evaluation of their financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

The strategies give you features that will make your life much easier as a trader but please make sure to backtest and fully understand the way this strategy works before using it. 

I strongly encourage you to read the DISCLAIMER and the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before starting to use the strategies/indicators.